Art as Activism

Nothing is apolitical. Especially not clothes (constantly policed by ammis and strangers alike). What we wear reflects what we stand for, and what we purchase reflects the powers we choose to support. Fashion is a toxic capitalist industry that generates pollution and damages the environment. But when you buy Radical PK, you uplift feminist designs and invest in campaigns that work towards collective good.

Feminist Process

Our radical designs are sourced from local feminist artists, who receive a percentage of our profits. Each artist and design has a story, and is additionally linked to a campaign in Pakistan.

Paratha Rolls,
Not Gender Roles

It’s 2019, and we are quite sick of gender divisions. Men wear tights and V-necks. Women wear suits. Fashion does not follow a binary. Our apparel is gender neutral and uncategorized.

Artist Collective

Our brand brings together kickass artists from around the world to create a magical community. Our platform, Radicalism, is an online space where artists and audiences can interact, follow, share and support!

Giving Back

We believe in putting our money where our mouth is. We all buy clothes anyway-- but here’s a way to use the privilege of purchasing power and redistribute our resources to help others. Each item of clothing you buy will back a campaign that you believe in.