Artist Collaboration

We support a young collective of up-and-coming artists, photographers
and designers from across the world. Check out our collabs below.

Samya Arif

Samya Arif - OCEÁ is an internationally featured illustrator and graphic designer from Karachi. Known for her album cover art and varied illustration work, Samya has also been a part of the electronic music collective, Forever South, as artist, designer and DJ.

Wajeeha Abbasi

Wajeeha Abbasi - Wasabi Illustrations is based in Karachi. Known for her signature style—simple icons & shapes—she designs visual narratives about everyday moments, women, pop culture, and the philosophy of the Self and the Other. Wajeeha enjoys indie music, art documentaries, travelling, going to gigs, weeping over chick flicks, collecting postcards, watching cricket and spoiling her cat.

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