Mental Health

People have started talking about mental health in Pakistan, but not enough. Conditions like depression and bipolarity are largely misunderstood and often undiagnosed. And yet, people who are struggling with mental health are all around us, in our lives and workplaces, on our social media timelines.


Started in 2015, Taskeen (an Urdu word meaning ‘to give comfort to’), is a first of its kind public mental health initiative in Pakistan. With a team of mental health professionals and creatives, Taskeen works for the promotion of wellness and prevention of mental illness through outreach and community based workshops. Their Wellness Seminars have been conducted across the country from Hyderabad to Hunza. With a staunch belief in a holistic approach, Taskeen adopts innovative interventions like plays, drum circles, art as expression, meditation, dance and dialogue.
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“Even though mental health is a global problem, solutions should be local. One of the key aspects of our work is to develop culturally sensitive programs that will be more effective in the Pakistani context.”